I don’t trust words, I trust pictures.

Gilles Perres

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 

I am a Cambridge based professional photographer specialising in corporate image creation. With over two decades of experience, my passion for photography has never waned, and is continuously evolving through my interest in people, stories and great places; the charm, eccentricities and uniqueness that make life worth living. I am committed to the creation of striking imagery that draws on all of the experience I have gained. I will work hard for you to deliver the results you want with professional service. 

My Aim: 

I want to deliver the service you need within the budget you have. I will tailor a bespoke photography package to bring your product or service to life. I feel passionately about the power of pictures to communicate quickly, succinctly, and effectively and I would love to work closely with you to achieve this for your business. 

Why Choose Me? 

Customers need to be shown what they are buying before they are willing to part with their money. It’s a simple fact. How you compete with your competition over that initial interest is to hook your customer in with beautiful images of your business. Lay it out in front of them from the comfort of their own computer screen and you have already won half the battle of getting them to engage with you.

The perfect picture will connect you with your customer in an instant.

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